Sunday, October 25, 2009

Free Day Today

I had nothing to work today so I could do anything all day long.

First I got up late this morning, and after having breakfast I went to Urawa Parco to buy a CD and DVD, because now in Tower Record they took place to an online double point campaign during the last 2 days. Looking around in the shop, I found a CD and DVD I really had wanted; "JIGSAW" by Lady Sovereign (mostly you don't know her...) and foreign drama "ALF".
Afternoon from 3 p.m. our Urawa Reds had a match against Omiya Ardija and I of course went there with my brother to watch it.


We were defeated 3-0.........Inconceivable!!<(`^´)>
To win the game, players should run and shoot more and more. And I couldn't understand why they never use the side spaces. Today's crushing defeat must be made the head coach Finke resign, I think. Reds have been losing themselves...omg

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Renew My Blog

Hello, all the vewers.
I used to make a blog on this "Blogger", but this time I renewed one. If you have some time and a little effort to build up your English ability more, please read my blog and comment me! Or to make your own blog (of course not in Japanese) is also a good idea. I hope you'll enjoy using this blog.

Now I introduce one serious incident in my house. My brother caught new swine flu on last Sunday. In addition, unfortunately, I'm in danger of contagion because I spent all that day with him at home. How could I be inevitable to get disease?? I have no fever in these days since that virus got my brother to be struk down. Never forget to wash my hands and gargle, and I'd better take much vitamin C to build my immunity.

Watch out around you!!