Saturday, March 27, 2010


Yesterday I graduated in law and politics from my university.

Here are the photos.

My basketball circle Penetrate members. From the left; Jun-chan(F), Take(PG), Sho-chan(SG), Abe-chan(PF)

And Satoshi(PG) making a V-sign next to me is the best friend in my circle. He is from Okinawa and Jun-chan too.

The boy wearing a white hakama(long pleated culotte-like Japanese trousers) is Maru. He's from the same high school and was a captain of our basketball club. I introduced him on the former article in my blog. Have a look at the article "Love Basketball."

These five boys belong to my seminar. I don't like my seminar because of our crazy professor and content, but the memory with these boys is so precious. From the left; Furuken, Yanoken, Dai-chan, Mutty, Take, Yosuke.

Here is my best professor Mike Nix. We met when I was a sophomore. He speaks high-speed British English so my listening must be trained. Next week he will go back to England as a sabbatical. If I have time, I want to visit him this summer.

Well, I don't feel so sad because I just graduated from the Faculty of Law. I need to go to the Faculty of Literature one more year and take some English classes to get the teaching certificate. So this year, in brief, I work at the cram school and go to the university. Am I a student or a member of society?(^o^;)

Anyway, most of my friends graduated from the university. I would hardly meet them unless anything special happens. I miss them. Take care and see you some day, everyone!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Egypt Tour

I'm sorry to be late for updating my blog. And there are a lot of special events in March, so I'll tell you about them one by one.

As you know if you see this title, I went to Egypt with my friend. I stayed there for eight days including at the flight between Narita and Cairo. It was really hard to sit on my seat during the flight because it took about 14 hours, the longest flight I've ever experienced in my life.

Here are my Egypt tour schedule.
・arrive at Cairo International Airport
・visit and sightsee Alexandria
・go back to Cairo and leave for Luxor
・sightsee Luxor
・leave for Aswan and sightsee there
・leave for Abu Simbel and sightsee there
・get on a Nile express(sleeping car) for Cairo
・go to Giza and Cairo Museum
・leave for Narita

I think this is so hard for usual tourist because we visited 6 cities in 8 days.

In particular, when we go to Abu Simbel, our tour conductor called our room at 1:45 as a wake-up call, and we left our hotel at 3:00......So sleepy all we were. (≧へ≦;)

Everyone slept in a bus, but I didn't sleep.

I found the twinkle sarry sky in a dark desert.

I was so impressed and thouht that the scene of twinkle stars and the bright moon in a desert area was like a song named "Moon Desert(月の砂漠)" And of course I watched the sunrise. At that time, I could sympathize why the ancient Egyptian had believed in the power of sun.

Here is Abu Simbel. Don't you know?

This day made us so tired. But through this day, I got friends with other participants.

Look at this photo. Here is the Nile express from Abu Simbel to Cairo.

After arriving at Cairo, of course, our trip kept going. The final day, we visited pyramids in Giza. And of course we watched sphinx, and enjoyed riding camels.
Here are the photos. Oops, all we wore pink colored T-shirt because we got soooooo friendly each other and bought the same T-shirts.

There are a lot of places where we were prohibited to bring our camera. For example, we couldn't bring our camera into the Cairo Museum, in which Tutankhamen's golden mask is exhibited. You had better go to Egypt someday when you're young!!(^o^;)

It is so dirty and dusty in Egypt but there are also including a lot of mysterious monuments and romantic scenes.

If I had had a girlfriend, I could have enjoyed more and more....

Monday, March 01, 2010


At first I want to say "goodbye" and "Do your best" to Shoko. I think you're a good student, especially your attitude toward English. Never forget the final goal!! Keep on practicing reading English clearly and building up your vocabulary more and more. I hope you will spend a nice year. See you someday. (^o^)/

Secondly, my work at Eikoh have finished today. I wrote letters to some of my students to cheer up. And they gave me a letter, too. Now I read all of them, and I think I was in a so happy situation. They are so kind to me, so unique, and so attractive.
Sayuri, Kurumi, Monami, Goto, Amada, Kusano, Nishihara, Seki, and Yokotatsu.... They came to study for their exam without regard to this bad weather. I really want them to success. And Hagisho also came to see me! How kind!! I think they are really nice. I'm proud of all of my students. I never teach English to them hereafter, so all I have to do is to wish their luck. Be possitive and have good days with your friends and teachers.