Friday, December 31, 2010

Winner of Kouhaku


I watched 61st NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen, and I had supposed that Akagumi (red troop) must win this time.

But Shirogumi (white troop) had a landslide victory.



We'll be in 2011 soon.

Of course I ate Toshikoshi-Soba, but on this New Year's Eve, I ate Soba not only with my family but also with my boss Mr. Ogura.

We talked a lot about our next year, and he gave me a lot of advice.

I've never seen such a wonderful man.

Thank you, Mr. Ogura.

I appreciate him so much.

I'll do my best on the next year 2011!!

Cut Fat

This is my brother's pajama.

So unique design!! ( ̄▽ ̄;)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rise's Birthday

I forgot to upload a blog about Rise's birthday.
Well, as you know, there are 6 teachers in Eigonoie.

And on December 14th, we had a birthday party for Rise after the class.
But that time my present was here.
Mimi Pen Xmas ver.
Everyone expected that I would bring a strange present.
.....Sorry there's no more idea under my iron rule. ― joke presents shold be consumable ―

Prepare for New Year

Soooooo cooooold, eh?

This morning I set Kadomatsu to both sides of the gate and Okazari to the upper part of the front door.

This is one of the Japanese traditional customs.
The meaning of this is to wish for the family's happiness in the following year and to announce that we're ready for welcoming a good luck.

Anyway, I wonder how the people living in apartment do this custom.

Do they share the Kadomatsu with all the residents?? (^o^;)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Xmas in 2010 ends

Christmas in 2010 has just passed and nothing special happened as usual.

When I was a kid, I always looked forward to waking up on the morning of Christmas Day to see my presents from Santa Claus.

And I was also excited to open the boxes of presents.

Even after I knew that Santa Claus does not exist, I felt I was filled with happiness and plenty of love.

Of course Santa Claus never comes to me, but still now I feel excited with the dreamy mood of Christmas.

This month I introduced some Christmas songs in this blog, and this one is the last I'll show you.

I want all of you to feel happy with these songs.

I wish all the children are happy with their presents and their lovely someone at this Christmas, and......ever after.

Merry Christmas!! (*^∪^*)/

- Last Christmas - (Crazy Frog Mix)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Itsukano Merry Christmas

- いつかのメリークリスマス -
by Eric Martin
Every December the lights they shine so bright
Once again the celebration begins
Everywhere I go I feel the energy
they ignite these warm feelings within
Caught up in the rush of all my Christmas shopping
I'm searching for a special gift from me to you
Walking to the station I'm thinking of you
The day is done, now I'm on my way home
Always forever, just take hold of my hand
and I know that we will walk this path together
Shining so brightly for all the world to see
We can take all our dreams and make them reality
All that I treasure, all the things you give to to me
All the stars in the heavens up above us
I know that they'll always live deep down inside me
Everything that I feel for you this Merry Christmas
Walk from the station, I feel my heartbeat race
For I know that very soon I will be home
You greet me at the door, a kiss a short embrace
You're so busy with the preparations
In the twilight hour as we exchange our presents
You smile and say you love me and my feelings soar
Stare into each other's eyes, it's so clear to me
I've found my home, you know it makes me love you more
Always forever, just take hold of my hand
and I know that we will walk this path together
Shining so brightly for all the world to see
We can take all our dreams and make them reality
I still remember the day you made me see
that a life without your love it has no meaning
And now that I know what your love means to me
Through the years I'll be wishing you a Merry Christmas
On that December night, underneath the moonlight
I promised you that we'd never ever be apart
Swept up in the moment I broke down and cried
The pain of love from the bottom of my heart
Always forever, just take hold of my hand
and I know that we will walk this path together
Shining so brightly for all the world to see
We can take all our dreams and make them reality
I still remember the day you made me see
that a life without your love it has no meaning
And now that I know what your love means to me
Through the years I'll be wishing you a Merry Christmas
And as the years go by, each passing Christmas
I reflect on what life's given me
The gentle snow fall, the look of love in your eyes
Times together, my sweet memories

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

- Christmas Eve (English Ver.) -
by Tatsuro Yamashita

All alone I watch the quiet rain
Wonder if it's gonna snow again
Silent night, Holy night

I was praying you'd be here with me
But Christmas Eve ain't what it used to be
Silent night, Holy night

If you were beside me
Then I could hear angels
And I'd give you rainbows for Christmas

Somewhere far away the sleighbells ring
I remember when we used to sing
Silent night, Holy night

I keep you inside me
Oh the truth is unspoken,
So my heart won't be broken on Christmas

They lit the trees along the avenue
Twinkling silver with a touch of blue
Silent night, Holy night

All along I watch the quiet rain
Wonder if it's gonna snow again
Silent night, Holy night

I was praying you'd be here with me
But Christmas Eve ain't what it used to be
Silent night, Holy night

Eigonoie Speech Contest was over

I was moved to hear my students' speech yesterday.

Some of them were not so well-speeker but all of them seemed to do their best.

Mr. Ogura said he wanted to give 1st place award to all of the students at the end of the conpetition. So did I!!!

Anyway I don't think our play in Harry Potter was good, but that play reminded me that I had played Vernon Dursley and Remus Lupin during my high school days.

I'm looking forward the next competition.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter Solstice

December 22nd is 冬至(toji = winter solstice), and we ate pumpkins and put two 柚子(yuzu = a kind of citrus fruit) into a bath.

There's a custom to eat pumpkins and take a yuzu bath on toji in Japan.

It is said in Japan that you won't get a cold if you've done these two things.

Anyway, tomorrow is the day of Eigonoie speech contest.

It's actually not the speech contest, but I wish all of my students succeed and have a good experience.

Monday, December 20, 2010

One Way

I went to Shinjuku last Sunday to attend a drinking party with Studying English in Sheffield Program members.

Only 8 friends were able to come on that day but we enjoyed so much.

To my surprise, one of the girls have already quit her job and she teaches dance now.

In addition, next month one of the boys is going to be transferred to Batam, which is an island of Indonesia and is located 20km off Singapore's south coast.

Each friend goes their own way.

I'm not sure whether their choice is true and they are happy or not, but I think we should have a firm faith wherever we go.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Suddenly my back ached during the class the day before yesterday.

What's worse, today's damp and humid weather annoys me with sudden acute backache.

And I didn't take part in the basketball practice yesterday so that my daily stress couldn't be reduced.

I can't be without my corset...(_´Д`)ノ~~

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dec. 12th Festival

How many years have passed since I last went to 調神社 (Tsukinomiya Shrine) on December 12th?

Walking along Nakasendo, I indulged in reminiscence about my childhood.

At that time I used to dream that I would enjoy 十二日まち (12nichimachi festival) with my girlfriend someday...

Anyway, I saw Kurumi there.

She is maturer than I expected.

Snow White -白い恋人達-

One of my favorite winter song is this sung by Boyz Men.


The title is "Snow White -白い恋人達-", which is a cover of the original song "白い恋人達 (Shiroi Koibitotachi)" by Keisuke Kuwata of the Southern All Stars.





Settling along the scenery, beneath the steady fall
The dusk accompanies a loneliness, descending as snow
Tears can drown the embers in this broken heart of mine
Another portrait in my life watching the seasons passing by



Crystallizing every breath I take, even the subtle sighs
The wind carries a solemn melody through uncovered trees
At the red brick station the trains can catch their breath
And I've been patient, waiting for someone who won't come back to me



Tonight the tears will go away, I'll find a way to play this Serenade
How can I break this song away from my emotions
The snow is falling down to kiss and help me reminisce and celebrate
My tears are falling from the sky and turn to White Love



By the time the bells are swinging in their rhythmic symphony
Imagining a dreamy Winterland is where I will be
Angels all around, floating slowly from the sky
And bring a look of tenderness only the spring can show me how



So I'll be holding on strong and keep from going on to Loneliness
The glistening angels in the sky are waiting for me
And I will wish upon a star and carry in my heart for Foreverness
These tears eventually will frost and turn to White Love



Tonight the tears will go away, I'll find a way to play this Serenade
How can I break this song away from my emotions
Give me one chance so I can shine and reminisce the time and celebrate
My tears are falling from the sky and turn to White Love



White Love
My Love



I just want to hold you
Can't be without you
I'm calling out your name
In my heart




The original song is here.






二度と帰らない誰かを待ってる, Woo



今宵 涙こらえて奏でる愛のSerenade
ひとり泣き濡れた夜にWhite Love



春が来る前に微笑をくれた, Woo



辛い毎日がやがてWhite Love



今宵 涙こらえて奏でる愛のSerenade
ひとり泣き濡れた冬にWhite Love



Ah, ah, 永遠のWhite Love
My Love



ただ逢いたくて もうせつなくて



Saturday, December 11, 2010


My mother went to Okinawa and she's just come back home.
Most of tourists tend to buy Okinawan foods (such as Chinsukou cookies, Beniimo Tart, and so on) as a souvenir.
But my mother has been to Okinawa many times and she get bored with buying typical souvenirs from Okinawa.
This time she bought them and gave them to me.
① "Aosa" seaweed soup
② Cards with Okinawan Dialects
Every card has a different Okinawan word.
For example, do you know the meaning of "あがっ"?
Some of my friends are Okinawan and they use this word when they bump into another player in basketball practice.
The answer is here.
It means "Ohch!!"......yeah it's interesting.
And the Jokers are Okinawan Habu (a poisonous snake which lives in Okinawa) and Mongoose.
Why is Magoose drawn?
Mangoose didn't live in Okinawa originally, it brought from India in 1910 to exterminate Okinawan Habu.
Okinawa the strange place...(^O^;)

With New Strap

I bought a new strap here.

This J-League season has already finished and a lot of players are about to transfer to other team.

Our Urawa Reds is also in a big reform;

○Robson Ponte will leave soon.
○Marcio Richardes and Mitsuru Nagata will join our team from Albirex Niigata.
○Zeljko Petrovic will be a team manager during the 2011 season.
I'm not sure this reform is whether correct or not, but I always support Urawa Reds.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Qu'ils mangent de la brioche

What a gorgeous cake this is!!

The name of this cake is "Antoinette"

Not only its beautiful posture but its size (perhaps it's twice as large as the other cakes) reminds us of the autority which Marie Antoinette had.

※ We bought this at Patisserie Acacier.

J-League Division1 34th Section

Urawa Reds 0-4 Vissel Kobe

The crushing defeat of today's match depressed us greatly.

And I really feel sorry for Robson Ponte.

Today's match could not adorn the end of his long career as a Urawa Reds player.

On the other hand, Vissel Kobe turned the tables.

Just after the whitsle, players and supporters were loudly exultant over their defeat and to find that the closest rival FC Tokyo crashed 2-0 to Kyoto Sanga.

It was so dramatic that Vissel Kobe avoided relegation to send FC Tokyo into the 2nd division.

J-League 2010 has just finished.

But we can also enjoy the Emperor's cup.

For the time being I'm waiting for the next quarter final Urawa Reds v.s. Gamba Osaka held on Christmas day.

Show us a dreaful football and give Robby the supreme memory.

Friday, December 03, 2010

FIFA choose Qatar to host 2022 World Cup

Breaking news!!

Election has done and the winner of the 2022 Football World Cup host country is....


Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Christmas Carol

♪ Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat. Please put a penny in the old man's hat.

When I was 10, it was my first year to study English, that Christmas song was sung in KISO EIGO 1 from the radio.

I'm not a pious Christian, but I like the mood of christmas that everything seems to be sparkle.

Welcome December!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Kids, who looks 6 years old or so, are shouting "Amazonis" at the crowded platform.

From where do they know the word?

Who is “Sato”?

I have no class today but went to the university to meet my group of The Study of English Education class.

We need to complete the assignment by next Wednesday due to prepare for the model teaching presentation.

The work we did today improved greatly, but I made the worst mistake in the world.

I called one of my friends "Sato", but his name is "Hoshino".

After he went to another class, the other group members asked me why I had called him "Sato".

It was unconscious!!

Of course I know he is "Hoshino" but......well....I was crazy at that time.

Whether he is Hoshino or Sato, he is a very good man.

.......So sorry. m(__)m


One of the advertisements in the train asks us what "23Ex" is.

And it also says to choose the best answer from the following three explanations.

A) 23歳に必要な大人の経験
(an adult experience which is required of those 23 years old)

B) 23時からのエキサイティングな気分
(an exciting feeling after 23:00)

C) 理想とする一週間の活動量
(23 exercise a week which is said to be ideal for keeping you healthy)

You'll choose, undoubtaly, the answer C because the first two answers are plain jokes. (^□^;)

But can you guess what advertisement this is?

Try to find this ad while you are in the train!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lax Discipline

A mother and two children are in front of me in Musashino-line now.

The children looks 3 or 4 years old, so they made much noise when they got on the train.

The mother saw their attitude and said,

"Be quiet, please. And sit down here."

The mother, surprisingly, led them sit on the floor.

Now they are so quiet but sitting on the floor.

Making noise or sitting on the floor......

Aren't both bad manners??( ̄〜 ̄;)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nagoya Grampus win first title

Nagoya Grampus claimed the J-League title for the first time when they beat Shonan Bellmare 1-0 on yesterday, as nearest rivals Kashima Antlers ended their match with a scoreless draw. Nagoya's solo goal came from Japanese international striker Kenji Tamada, who headed home on a cross from Keita Sugimoto on the right wing in the 66th minute.

The Nagoya players and staff all exchanged hugs at the final whistle and Nagoya's coach Stojkovic was tossed into the air by his players.

Congratulations, Pixy!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rikiya's Birthday

November 11th, which is also "Pocky Day" in Japan, is Rikiya's birthday.

Happy birthday, Rikiya!!

And last night after the class, we had a birthday party for him.

He is two years younger than me, but he is much superior in all aspects.

Every student is respect for him.

He is earnest, sincere, wise, good at playing soccer, and has a cool face.

I think he is the elite of the elite.

So I was anxious for his reaction when he received my present.

Here is my present. know, I'm such a man.

Did he catch on to my joke??

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


A porky girl sitting in front of me is wearing a grey parka with a lot of small pig designs.

She's as she wears.

Left Behind?

Every Tuseday morning I found a weely Young Magazine between the wall and the bench at the monorail station.

Is it for anyone waiting for the train?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Heaven and Hell

Urawa Reds 2-0 Kyoto Sanga

November 14th is the holiday for Saitama prefecture, so we could celebrate this day with victory.

On the other hand, the opposite team Kyoto Sanga determined to be relegated to the second division.

The result left supporters dazed and the players drooped their heads.

Tears of despair ran down some of their faces.

When it comes to tears, I must tell you about ex-MVP midfielder Robson Ponte.

Because of his wonderful second goal in the 90th minute, Ponte was chosen MVP on this game.

After the game, he gave us an interview with tearful eyes.

He told that it would be the last 4 games for him to play as a member of Urawa Reds.

And he also told that he loved Urawa supporters.

As he talked with a mixture of joy for supporters and sorrow for leaving Reds soon, I couldn't help crying in sympathy.

Robby, I always support you.


We've just arrived at the stadium.

Before passing through the entrance gate, we dropped in the exhibition of Official Supporters Club, which shows us the history of Urawa Reds and supporters with some pictures.

Suprisingly I found my friends in one of the old photos.

Probably they were elementary school students, and they came as an event which their local soccer club produced.

I also went to Komaba Stadium at the same age as them.

I'm not a member of OSC but both my friends and I have been fascinated with our passionable soccer team.

We are Reds. (*^o^)/\(^-^*)

Reds vs Sanga

Today's match: Urawa Reds v.s. Kyoto Sanga FC.

I wish we will win this game!!

Bye later!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lay Judge Member


I'm chosen as a member of lay judge.

At first I need to submit a register form to decide whether or not I can do (Of course I do!), and if Saitama District Court assembles, I'll be able to participate in the trial during the next year.

I'm looking forward to doing it!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Miso Can


Is it serious!?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The conversation between the two boys standing next to me in the train was like this.

【boy A】
I like airports.

【boy B】
Airports? Why?

【boy A】
Because...well, it's quite different from our daily lives. It seems to be unrealistic. I'm fascinated with that kind of places.

【boy B】
I quite agree with you in that regard.

They were 11 years old or so, and probably going to the zoo as a school event.


They are mature for their age!!!!

Recent children are horribly precocious...( ̄▽ ̄;)

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Bocca della Verita

We went to Bambina Bambino (Italian restaurant) tonight.

At the entrance of the restaurant, I found you-know-what.

"Bocca della Verita (the Mouth of Truth)"

What we have to do when we find this object is to dip our hand into the mouth and pretend that our hand is grabbed by the object.

Of cource I did.


Give me back my hand!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Interview Project 2010

Today I went to Tokyo Imperial Palace (皇居 Kokyo) as an assistant of pupils' interview.

To interview with foreigners at the Imperial Palace is one of the annual events that Eigonoie produces.

But this time, happily, more students attended this project than last year.

So we divided them into 2 groups; elementary school students and junior high school students.

This was the first time for most of them to talk to foreigners out of school or class, so they looked nervous a little.

But I hope most of them had a good experience, and that experiences stimulated them to learn English harder than before.

In addition, we have one more annual event on this day.

After the interview project, every time, we go to "分上野藪 かねこ Wakeuenoyabu Kaneko" to eat Soba!!

It tastes soooooo goooood!! (≧▽≦)/

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sexual Harassment Dice

Not only young teachers are crazy!!

The 59-year-old teacher used three dice named "Sexual Harassment Dice" in his class at Ogi Elementary School in Iruma, Saitama.

He had apparently had three dice, one with sides marked with the words "hug" and "forgiven", another marked with "kiss", "snot" and "forgiven" among others, and the third marked with "snot" and "forgiven".

Students who forgot to bring something to class were forced to roll one of the dice.

The teacher has apparently admitted to kissing one boy and acting as if he would put snot on one girl.

"I made the dice while playing with the children. The first two dice were for boys, and the third was for girls." the teacher said.

Schools are in chaos......

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Goodbye Paul

So sad...

Paul the octopus had passed away during the night.

He was 2.5 years old.

Octopuses rarely live beyond two years so his death was not unexpected.

Paul, thank you for giving us dreams.

※I wrote an article about Paul before. If you want to know what Paul is like, go to


A bonze sitting next to me in the train is reading a book.

The title of the chapter he is reading now is "法律は金ヅル (Law brings money)".


Jesus!! (´Д`;)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Crazy Young Teachers

"The eldest of three sisters committed suicide and her funeral was held.
The two other sisters fell in love with a boy who attended the funeral.
In order for the second-eldest sister to see him again, what should she do?"

Can you believe that question was given to 21 third-graders of Hamadayama Elementary School (Tokyo, Suginami-ward-run elementary school) during a math class on Tuesday by the 23-year-old female teacher?

One of the pupils said,

"She can see him again if she kills the youngest sister (and her funeral is held),"

and the teacher claimed it was the correct answer.

So crazy, isn't she?

And the similar problem occured in Tokai Commercial High School (Aichi, Prefecture-run high school) at the same day.

24-yaer-old male teacher gave 77 third-year students a question about the assassination of its principal as a midterm test on business issues.

That question was like this:
"The principal was found murdered in the faculty room, but he left a clue about his murderer by writing '41124' with his blood. Choose one of seven teachers as the culprit."

The correct answer was the home economics teacher, since the figure '41124', when they are placed upside down, could read 'カていカ (kateika)'.

Exactly it is important for pupils and students to broaden their minds and to have flexible thinking abilities.

But.....those questions must be inappropriate.

Young teachers, please choose dreamful questions!! (≧д≦;)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Japan - The Strange Country

My Speech&Debate class teacher often shows us some interesting videos.

Yesterday he showed this video.

Surprisingly, this video was not created by a foreigner but a Japanese designer Kenichi Tanaka as a graduation thesis project.

He said he is not a racist, but some Japanese people criticize his work.

Yeah exactly it has some misunderstanding points.

But I think this work wasn't created for introduction to the world.

Rather we Japanese should know what the world's eye toward Japan is like.'s so controversial.

If you want to see its Japanese version, go to

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

As a Pillow

I have the History of the English Language class in the second period today.

Prof. Hotta always lectures with an imposing mien, so I appreciate his class.

But there's one thing I'm not satisfied with is his too long introduction of each lecture.

Today he spent 45 minutes for introduction, which means there was only another 45 minutes left to lecture.

He often use the expression "枕として ( 'as a pillow' which is a Japanese expression meaning 'by way of introduction' )" berore the introduction.

Soon after he begins to speak, most of the students drop asleep.

His makura story becomes a real pillow at this moment. ヾ( ̄o ̄;)

Saturday Night Fever

The baseball field at Orlando, Florida's Gilbert McQueen Park just might be the field of dreams for one couple.

A guy named Ryan Baichain rented out the ball field at the park on Saturday and spray-painted a message into the field that read,


Ryan also paid extra money to have the field's lights turned on Saturday night.

He then flew in a helicopter over the field and proposed to Sarah, his girlfriend of three years.

Most guys propose with a diamond, but the words are much brighter.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Mission accomplished!!!

The painstaking process of hoisting 33 miners trapped nearly a half-mile below ground for more than two months in northern Chile was completed Wednesday night, less than a day after it began, ending a saga that gripped a nation that never gave up hope.

Congratulations!!! (≧v≦)/^^

(If you cannot see this picture well, go to

And happily, most of them seemed to be released from the hospital Thursday afternoon.

Experts said some of the aftereffects of the long stay underground and the quick trip to the surface, especially mental effects, such as post-traumatic stress disorder or restless nights -- may be felt for years to come.

Cheer up!!

While there is life, there is hope!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Erasers' Break


There are many blackboard erasers taking a nap.

Yeah, erasers must be tired of their daily chore.

Today is the Physical Education Day, which is the Japanese national holiday falling on the 2nd Monday of October.

They are in holiday mode, too. (つ´∀`)つ

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I really hate the teacher of the Study of English Education class.

At the week before last, she and I quarreled a little.

At the beginning of the class, she told us her experience in school she had visited during the summer.

That school includes affiliated elementary, junior high, high schools, and even university.

After her explanation, she asked us if we had any questions about the English education in school, and I raised my hand and asked like this.

"I think it is important for students how to receive the English education at very first time. Then, how does elementary school teachers teach English to their students, especially the English pronunciation?"

My real intention was how the teachers help their students form the foundation of communication or practical skill without awarding any grades.

But she got in a bad temper just after my question, and started to tell her thought, which made me so angry, in class.

Her thought was like this.

① All English teachers can speak English well, and must have wonderful or beautiful pronunciation.

② There are a lot of kinds of English in the world, so the teachers should not teach one dialect at school.

③ The main purpose of learning English is to get communication skill, not to get the pronunciation.

I know, of course, there are many theories or assertions toward the primary education.

But I think it is dangerous to teach English to 5th and 6th grade students in terrible pronunciation.

How can I ignore that the taecher and students play some games in Katakana English for 2 yaers in primary significant age?

Unbelievably, she said that teaching pronunciation is NOT needed for the English beginners.

How can I trust her ever after??

Sunday, October 03, 2010

New Mobile

As I told you before (→, my mobile phone has been broken.

Then, yesterday I bought a new one!!!! (≧▽≦)/ yeah!!

The former one (N904i) is here.

And my present partner is here!!


The new one is thinner and simpler.

Furthermore, it looks so adult and inelligent.

Suit me well, doesn't it? (*^。^*)

Saturday, October 02, 2010



Egypt again!!

Yesterday I ate "からあげくん マハラジャ味 (Karaage-kun Maharaja taste)" which is now sold in LAWSON.

That taste and flavor reminds me of the trip to Egypt.

LAWSON succeeded after several attempts to make this Arabic taste.

It is used 10 spicies; garlic, cumin, ginger, turmeric, coriander, red pepper, cardamom, nutmeg, clove, and onion.

And the name of this product is so nice.


Sounds mysterious.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Mushroom Burger

I tried a Freshness Burger's limited menu.

"Vegetable Burger Mushroom"

A big mushroom is used instead of a hamburger.

So unique and tasty.

And I was surprised that the shop was dressed with Halloween decorations.

You'd better try!! ヾ(=^▽^=)ノ

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sudden Alarm

Suddenly a lot of sharp alarms rang all over the class.

It was about 17:00, when I was taking British Culture class.

Those noisy sounds were given from students' mobile phones.

One of my friends, whose phone had also been ringing loudly, told me that a big earthquake happened at Fukushima and we should be ready for protecting ourselves from shaking.

As you know, the shake was not strong here.


I was so surprised that the recent mobile phones have a service of ringing emergency alarm automatically.

Convenience must save our lives. (´∀`)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beans of ......

"Ukon no Mame (Beans of turmeric)"!!!???

............"Unko no Mame (Beans of poop)"...


Dismal Morning


Musashino-line was delayed.....

Chuo-line was also delayed.....

To sum up with the loss of time, I will get to Chuo university at the regular hour in spite of taking a 10-minutes-earlier train.

You wonder why the train was delayed.

Astonishingly, an UMBRELLA was caught in the door.

Monday, September 27, 2010


"What is the justice?"

So simple but difficult to answer this question is.

Yesterday night I watched Professor Michael Sandel's special lecture on TV.

His classes are interesting enough to have been made into a popular television series that was later translated and aired in Japan on NHK from April 4th to June 20th, which was called "ハーバード白熱教室 (Justice with Michael Sandel)".

Additionally, a book by Prof. Sandel tited "これからの「正義」の話をしよう―いまを生き延びるための哲学― (Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do?)" has become a best-seller not only in the US but also in Japan.

That popular Harvard University professor Michael Sandel held a discussion on political philosophy and morality at the University of Tokyo on August 26th.

Through his class, as the issue of social inequality, Prof. Sandel posed a question about baseball star Ichiro Suzuki.

He makes about 40 times as much as President Obama in a year, and about 400 times as much as a teacher in Japan. Prof. Sandel asked the audience whether they thought Ichiro's salary was fair, and whether it would be morally correct for the government to tax him and redistribute the money.

Regarding historical mistakes and whether current generations should apologize or pay damages for them, Prof. Sandel directly asked whether the audience thought President Obama should apologize for the atomic bombs dropped on Japan.

The discussion was just heated, especially the latter one.

Now we are facing a serious problem of Senkaku(Diaoyu) Island, and need to think what the claims of both sides are like and how to compromise each other.

But before discussing this problem, we never overlook or ignore the idea of respect others and of having a large number of people feel happy.

Regardless of profit, we ahould put an eye on a moral responsibility.

Well, that's not concrete......(^□^;)

If you're interested in such topic, go to Justice web page, watch the videos, and think by or for yourself, "What is the justice?".

Justice with Michael Sandel→


Damn it!!!

I have a runny nose.

I can't do anything about it but blow my nose again and again.

Perhaps this comes from the latest broken weather.


Sniffle, sniffle.....(;´∩`)

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Two days before I had a drink with some of my ex-coworkers after work.

I am, as you know, a lone wolf so that I could enjoy and relax to talk with such congenial friends I met on that night.

Especially what aroused my interest the most was the behavior of one female friend, Nana.

Well, she is..........just like a ditz; she suddenly giggled, taked in a acrid tone, and tied her oshibori(hand towel) onto her cocktail glass.

Incredible!! (^□^;)

What makes her act like that?

I'm so interested in such a real space.

Of course, my best friend Mr. Segawa, a tiny female Lilliputian, and a strict masochist made me laugh so much as well.

Thanks anyway, everyone!! (^^)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I take a course named the Study of English Education at my university, but I hate it most of all the classes.

The main reason why I hate the class is the teacher.

Her name is Yuko Koga, and she makes us call herself Yufo.

Absolutely she is just what she is called in a way; U.F.O. (Unpleasant Female Ogress)

She always criticizes our thought and sneers at our idea.

I've never known her to get through with her class on time.

Her pronunciation is terrible.

And what's worse, she believes herself only, which means she does not respect our individuality.

A really mean fellow!! (`ε´)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Term

Fall term has started.

Now I'm on the way to the university, but I feel gloomier and gloomier as the train gets closer to the university.

Only one thing that I think is interesting in my college life is Prof. Mattews' class today.

He teaches phonetics, and of cource, he uses English only.

His Northern American dialect is so clear that we can easily understand how to pronounce the individual speech sounds and how to speak fluently.

Therefore, I don't want to go to the university tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. (ノд<。)゜。

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Japan's PM Kan wins party vote

After the fierce 2 week campaign, Prime Minister Naoto Kan defeated Democratic Party of Japan bigwig Ichiro Ozawa in the ruling party's presidential election.

The 2 candidates had strikingly different policies, with Mr. Kan emphasizing job creation for economic growth and Mr. Ozawa stressed the need to cut wasteful spending to fund policies promised in the DPJ's manifesto for the 2009 Lower House election.

Analysts had expected a tight contest, with Ichiro Ozawa backed by a large DPJ faction.

In the end, Mr. Kan secured a small majority among party lawmakers and was convincingly ahead in the vote from DPJ local lawmakers and party members.

His task now is to secure the support of Mr. Ozawa's faction, as well as revitalizing Japan's struggling economy.

Now we're in a severe situation, and Mr. Kan has a responsibility to respond our voice.

We still have a dream!!

Grant our dreams!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

God knows?

9 years have passed since the terrible you-know-what happened.

On September 11th, 2001, two hijacked jets crashed into the World Trade Center, and so did the other two into the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania.

Though I was only 13 years old at that time, I strongly remembered the moment when that horrible news broke in the morning TV show.

Soon after the incident, the Iraqi war broke out......

Christians think they are right.

Muslins think they are right.

Both fought in the cause of justice, but...

What is "justice"?

Still now, some christians planned to burn the Quran.

Why don't we respect each other?

The most importan thing is our life.

Who has the right of life and death?

Thursday, September 09, 2010


It's chilly on these 2 days.

A sweltering night when the temperature does not go down below 25℃ lasts for a month, and at last it's over.

Do you feel the autumn flavor??

Monday, September 06, 2010


Look at my painful little toe...

The skin has been rubbed off.

This symptom is often seen when basketball players change their shoes into new ones.

Moreover, today, I feel sore all over.

I had to waddle because of the pain of my little toe and muscle.....(_´Д`)ノ~~

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Yono gym

Tomorrow afternoon I will play basketball at Yono gym.

For a long time I haven't played basketball.

And that is my first time to join this team.

So I'm feeling nervous a little.......
( as you know I'm shy )

But I'm really looking forward to swishing the ball. (´▽`)//---〇

Saturday, August 28, 2010


An unpleasant news reached me.

One of my old junior-high-school classmate passed away a few days ago.

He had a heart disease.
So his height was 130cm or so when he was in the 9th grade.

Actually, I don't feel deep sorrow at his death because we were not so good friends.


I don't know how to express my feeling...

Thursday, August 26, 2010


This is the 100th post!! (≧▽≦)/"


Anyway, my order has arrived!!


A new basketball shoes "NIKE HYPERIZE".
I really want to try this as soon as possible!!