Sunday, October 10, 2010


I really hate the teacher of the Study of English Education class.

At the week before last, she and I quarreled a little.

At the beginning of the class, she told us her experience in school she had visited during the summer.

That school includes affiliated elementary, junior high, high schools, and even university.

After her explanation, she asked us if we had any questions about the English education in school, and I raised my hand and asked like this.

"I think it is important for students how to receive the English education at very first time. Then, how does elementary school teachers teach English to their students, especially the English pronunciation?"

My real intention was how the teachers help their students form the foundation of communication or practical skill without awarding any grades.

But she got in a bad temper just after my question, and started to tell her thought, which made me so angry, in class.

Her thought was like this.

① All English teachers can speak English well, and must have wonderful or beautiful pronunciation.

② There are a lot of kinds of English in the world, so the teachers should not teach one dialect at school.

③ The main purpose of learning English is to get communication skill, not to get the pronunciation.

I know, of course, there are many theories or assertions toward the primary education.

But I think it is dangerous to teach English to 5th and 6th grade students in terrible pronunciation.

How can I ignore that the taecher and students play some games in Katakana English for 2 yaers in primary significant age?

Unbelievably, she said that teaching pronunciation is NOT needed for the English beginners.

How can I trust her ever after??

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  1. They think they know everything just because they're teachers -.-