Saturday, March 30, 2013

Last Waku-Waku

Wake up guys by 7:30!! 

Don't miss Waku-Waku and Gorori's last!!

My Second Home Eigonoie

This was my last to go to Eigonoie.

I joined Eigonioie at the age of 11.

I spent 7 years as a student and 4 years as a teacher.

WIth good teachers and students, I'm so satisfied with Eigonoie.

Many thanks to Mr. Ogura, Ms. Araki, Mr. Nakagaki, and all of my students!! (^o^)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

37th Eigonoie Convention for Senior Class

The 37th Eigonoie English Convention was held last night.

I was so happy to hear 9th graders' wonderful speeches and 11th graders' highly advanced presentations.

Above all, I was so moved to see 10th graders' plays.

I know how hard the students wrote a script, studied their own part for the play, made some properties, and even practiced songs and dances.

Really good "Alice in Wonderland" and "Snow White"!!

Compared to two years ago when I'd taken charge of their class, their English has got improved much more greatly than I expected.

And I'm sure their bonds of friendship have been cemented through the play practice.

After the performance, 10th graders held a small party at Eigonoie.

It was only several years that I had spent with the students, but those days were the greatest treasure for me.

It was the best time.

Many thanks to my students. \(^o^)/

A beautiful handwriting, isn't it? lol

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Two Years After 3.11

Japan marked the second anniversary on Monday of a devastating earthquake and tsunami that left nearly 19,000 people dead or missing and more than 300,000 people still displaced.

Now there are few debris remaining the devastated area, but the actual recovery has been progressing too slowly.

As time passed, I find myself forget the sorrow at the time when the catastrophic disaster happened, just as a nightmare.

I don't know what I should do and even what I can do for recovery.

One possible answer is that we should never forget how terrible that earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster were.

If we keep that in our mind, we can be much more kind to our family, friends, and many many people around us.

I believe that our kindness will change Japan better in the future.

This is the only thing that all the non-sufferers can do.

Pray for Tohoku Japan.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Reds Home Opener 2013

Urawa Reds maintained their strong start to the new J-League season with a 1-0 victory over Nagoya Grampus at Saitama Stadium yesterday.

Over fifty thousand supporters shouted with joy at the 54th minute.

Keita Suzuki drilled a pass through the middle for Shinzo Koroki to lay into the path of the onrushing Tomoya Ugajin, and he met it with a sweet curling shot that nestled into the far corner of the net.

After the game, supporters and players sang the victory song "We are Dimonds" together as well as the previous season.

All we hope to sing the song many times in this season.

Friday, March 08, 2013

Urawa Reds ACL Uniform 2013

A new Urawa Reds ACL home kit I ordered 10 days ago has arrived!!

I chose #13, Keita Suzuki, after long consideration.

Keita and Yuki Abe are irreplaceable defensive midfielders, the heart of the team. 

I'm sure that their skill and experience will be really significant to overcome J-League and ACL games in this season. 

Also, Keita has few warrant for securing the place in starting lineup next season because of the upcoming alternation of generations. 

A home opener will take place tomorrow.

Hope sweeping victory!! \(^o^)/

Monday, March 04, 2013

It Was Kagawa's Day

Shinji Kagawa made history on Saturday at Old Trafford by becoming the first Asian player to score a hat-trick in the English Premier League.

All three of goals came from composed finishes, his first on the stroke of halftime a measured volley inside the near post to put United on its way.

Kagawa then wrong-footed Norwich goalkeeper Mark Bunn in the 76th after running onto Wayne Rooney's pass and he chipped Bunn to complete his hat-trick three minutes from time.

His teammate Rio Ferdinand praised his "2 silky feet."

I think, especially, his second goal was so composed and intelligent, not to mention his third one was perfect.

Anyway, what a coincidence that March is Kagawa's month in this official calender!! (^o^;)

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Urawa 2-1 Hiroshima in the 2013 Season-Opener

The very first official goal in this 2013 season was produced by an ex-Sanfrecce playmaker Yosuke Kashiwagi, giving Urawa Reds 2-1 victory over Sanfrecce Hiroshima. 

Genki Haraguchi added in the 6th minute after half time, but that goal wasn't particularly hit hard. 

Sanfrecce goalkeeper Shusaku Nishikawa should have had the easy catch. 

His blunder virtually gifted Urawa Reds a goal. 

Urawa has three ex-Sanfrecce players. 

All they were in high spirits yesterday against their former team. 

They're now Urawa Reds players.