Tuesday, March 26, 2013

37th Eigonoie Convention for Senior Class

The 37th Eigonoie English Convention was held last night.

I was so happy to hear 9th graders' wonderful speeches and 11th graders' highly advanced presentations.

Above all, I was so moved to see 10th graders' plays.

I know how hard the students wrote a script, studied their own part for the play, made some properties, and even practiced songs and dances.

Really good "Alice in Wonderland" and "Snow White"!!

Compared to two years ago when I'd taken charge of their class, their English has got improved much more greatly than I expected.

And I'm sure their bonds of friendship have been cemented through the play practice.

After the performance, 10th graders held a small party at Eigonoie.

It was only several years that I had spent with the students, but those days were the greatest treasure for me.

It was the best time.

Many thanks to my students. \(^o^)/

A beautiful handwriting, isn't it? lol

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