Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sudden Alarm

Suddenly a lot of sharp alarms rang all over the class.

It was about 17:00, when I was taking British Culture class.

Those noisy sounds were given from students' mobile phones.

One of my friends, whose phone had also been ringing loudly, told me that a big earthquake happened at Fukushima and we should be ready for protecting ourselves from shaking.

As you know, the shake was not strong here.


I was so surprised that the recent mobile phones have a service of ringing emergency alarm automatically.

Convenience must save our lives. (´∀`)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beans of ......

"Ukon no Mame (Beans of turmeric)"!!!???

............"Unko no Mame (Beans of poop)"...


Dismal Morning


Musashino-line was delayed.....

Chuo-line was also delayed.....

To sum up with the loss of time, I will get to Chuo university at the regular hour in spite of taking a 10-minutes-earlier train.

You wonder why the train was delayed.

Astonishingly, an UMBRELLA was caught in the door.

Monday, September 27, 2010


"What is the justice?"

So simple but difficult to answer this question is.

Yesterday night I watched Professor Michael Sandel's special lecture on TV.

His classes are interesting enough to have been made into a popular television series that was later translated and aired in Japan on NHK from April 4th to June 20th, which was called "ハーバード白熱教室 (Justice with Michael Sandel)".

Additionally, a book by Prof. Sandel tited "これからの「正義」の話をしよう―いまを生き延びるための哲学― (Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do?)" has become a best-seller not only in the US but also in Japan.

That popular Harvard University professor Michael Sandel held a discussion on political philosophy and morality at the University of Tokyo on August 26th.

Through his class, as the issue of social inequality, Prof. Sandel posed a question about baseball star Ichiro Suzuki.

He makes about 40 times as much as President Obama in a year, and about 400 times as much as a teacher in Japan. Prof. Sandel asked the audience whether they thought Ichiro's salary was fair, and whether it would be morally correct for the government to tax him and redistribute the money.

Regarding historical mistakes and whether current generations should apologize or pay damages for them, Prof. Sandel directly asked whether the audience thought President Obama should apologize for the atomic bombs dropped on Japan.

The discussion was just heated, especially the latter one.

Now we are facing a serious problem of Senkaku(Diaoyu) Island, and need to think what the claims of both sides are like and how to compromise each other.

But before discussing this problem, we never overlook or ignore the idea of respect others and of having a large number of people feel happy.

Regardless of profit, we ahould put an eye on a moral responsibility.

Well, that's not concrete......(^□^;)

If you're interested in such topic, go to Justice web page, watch the videos, and think by or for yourself, "What is the justice?".

Justice with Michael Sandel→


Damn it!!!

I have a runny nose.

I can't do anything about it but blow my nose again and again.

Perhaps this comes from the latest broken weather.


Sniffle, sniffle.....(;´∩`)

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Two days before I had a drink with some of my ex-coworkers after work.

I am, as you know, a lone wolf so that I could enjoy and relax to talk with such congenial friends I met on that night.

Especially what aroused my interest the most was the behavior of one female friend, Nana.

Well, she is..........just like a ditz; she suddenly giggled, taked in a acrid tone, and tied her oshibori(hand towel) onto her cocktail glass.

Incredible!! (^□^;)

What makes her act like that?

I'm so interested in such a real space.

Of course, my best friend Mr. Segawa, a tiny female Lilliputian, and a strict masochist made me laugh so much as well.

Thanks anyway, everyone!! (^^)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I take a course named the Study of English Education at my university, but I hate it most of all the classes.

The main reason why I hate the class is the teacher.

Her name is Yuko Koga, and she makes us call herself Yufo.

Absolutely she is just what she is called in a way; U.F.O. (Unpleasant Female Ogress)

She always criticizes our thought and sneers at our idea.

I've never known her to get through with her class on time.

Her pronunciation is terrible.

And what's worse, she believes herself only, which means she does not respect our individuality.

A really mean fellow!! (`ε´)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Term

Fall term has started.

Now I'm on the way to the university, but I feel gloomier and gloomier as the train gets closer to the university.

Only one thing that I think is interesting in my college life is Prof. Mattews' class today.

He teaches phonetics, and of cource, he uses English only.

His Northern American dialect is so clear that we can easily understand how to pronounce the individual speech sounds and how to speak fluently.

Therefore, I don't want to go to the university tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. (ノд<。)゜。

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Japan's PM Kan wins party vote

After the fierce 2 week campaign, Prime Minister Naoto Kan defeated Democratic Party of Japan bigwig Ichiro Ozawa in the ruling party's presidential election.

The 2 candidates had strikingly different policies, with Mr. Kan emphasizing job creation for economic growth and Mr. Ozawa stressed the need to cut wasteful spending to fund policies promised in the DPJ's manifesto for the 2009 Lower House election.

Analysts had expected a tight contest, with Ichiro Ozawa backed by a large DPJ faction.

In the end, Mr. Kan secured a small majority among party lawmakers and was convincingly ahead in the vote from DPJ local lawmakers and party members.

His task now is to secure the support of Mr. Ozawa's faction, as well as revitalizing Japan's struggling economy.

Now we're in a severe situation, and Mr. Kan has a responsibility to respond our voice.

We still have a dream!!

Grant our dreams!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

God knows?

9 years have passed since the terrible you-know-what happened.

On September 11th, 2001, two hijacked jets crashed into the World Trade Center, and so did the other two into the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania.

Though I was only 13 years old at that time, I strongly remembered the moment when that horrible news broke in the morning TV show.

Soon after the incident, the Iraqi war broke out......

Christians think they are right.

Muslins think they are right.

Both fought in the cause of justice, but...

What is "justice"?

Still now, some christians planned to burn the Quran.

Why don't we respect each other?

The most importan thing is our life.

Who has the right of life and death?

Thursday, September 09, 2010


It's chilly on these 2 days.

A sweltering night when the temperature does not go down below 25℃ lasts for a month, and at last it's over.

Do you feel the autumn flavor??

Monday, September 06, 2010


Look at my painful little toe...

The skin has been rubbed off.

This symptom is often seen when basketball players change their shoes into new ones.

Moreover, today, I feel sore all over.

I had to waddle because of the pain of my little toe and muscle.....(_´Д`)ノ~~

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Yono gym

Tomorrow afternoon I will play basketball at Yono gym.

For a long time I haven't played basketball.

And that is my first time to join this team.

So I'm feeling nervous a little.......
( as you know I'm shy )

But I'm really looking forward to swishing the ball. (´▽`)//---〇