Friday, April 30, 2010


The class was over! And I don't have to go to the university for about a week because of the Golden Week holidays.

Anyway, on Fridays I have two classes, the History of American Literature and the Study of William Shakespeare.

The professor of the former class is....just I think he is mad or idiot. At the beginning of the lecture, he opened a can of Dr Pepper. And he gave a lecture with sipping it. And he....I don't know why he did such a thing, but....what he did is to put his highlighter in his mouth while he gave us some handouts.

Is that a kind of American joke? (・ω・;)


Apologize my late updating. Now I'm quite busy on my study and work. Perhaps, I think it difficult to have enough time to write articles constantly ever before and after too. So I decided to write two types of article.

One is the usual blog like a diary with a little long sentence. In this case, I will update it from my PC.

The other is a murmur style, which I write what I'm doing and feeling from my mobile phone. So the sentences must be shorter than usual. I always set the title'FMP(=from mobile phone)'in this case.

And if you want to read my blog on the mobile phone, please go on the URL below.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Turn Over A New Leaf

Most of cherry blossoms have already fallen. And the buds of trees are beggining to open up. All of the people have started their new lives in Spring; many of my friends have started to work, many of my students have started their new school lives, and I also have started my new life from this month. Today I'm going to talk about myself a little.

Well then, I don't have to tell you about what my name is, where I lives in, or what sports I like to play. Just I tell you about my background.

I was born on 25th of February, 1988. And I entered Nakacho elementary school, Tokiwa junior high school, Chuo Univ Suginami high school, and Chuo Univ. And last month I graduated in Law and politics. Although I graduated from university, I had decided to stay one more year and take some English classes......Most of you might have a question, 'Why?'

When I was a high school student, I didn't think of my future at all. Basketball was everything to me at that time. And what is worse, we had no entrance exam so I didn't think what I really want to do at University. If you hear the name of Chuo University, which faculty comes to your mind? Your answer is absolutely 'Law'. That thought also came to my mind and I chose one.

But after entering Law faculty, the classes were so boring to me. When I was a sophomore, my friend and I decided to take part in the studying English abroad program which our university organised. Through that experience, I noticed that what I really like to study was English. And at that time, in addition, I really enjoyed my part-time job, teaching at the cram school. To sum up with those, and thinking about my future, I realised that I had wanted to be an English teacher after my graduation.

Then I decided to get a teaching certificate from the junior. On the other hand, there is one more problem I had. Students in Law faculty can get only social studies teaching certificate, not English. So I needed to graduate in Law at first to become an English teacher. That graduation was on 25th March, 2010, which I told you through this blog.

Sorry to talk a little longer...(^o^;) Well, from this month, I go to my university and take some classes to get English teaching certificate, not as a student in Law faculty but as an auditor. I'm not a member of University and not a member of society.

I have to study more and more to make my dream come true.
From my fail, I want to advise you,
"Think about your future seriously, and you can enjoy studying at your school."

Monday, April 12, 2010

This Spring

I have no work on Sunday and Monday. But from today I have 3 English classes at my university, so it's not a break today...(oops, I told you that I had already graduated in Law and Politics, but I decided to stay one more year to study English as an auditor. Well, I'll tell you about myself in detail later.)

Anyway, don't you think it's too cold today? There was a sudden drop in temperature and most of cherry blossom have fallen from the trees because of the rain. So pity. Spring is passing soon. I like sakura season and as usual I took a walk about to see cherry blossoms this year. From Musashi-Urawa station to Besshonuma Park, we can walk through the avenue of cherry blossoms like this.

I'm very fond of walking through there in a warm temperature like yesterday. If you want to see more sakura photos, go to

And I can feel spring at home, too.

Every year Japanese bush warbler (Uguisu) comes to my garden in the morning. I got up with the sound of bush warbler yesterday morning.

In front of my doorstep, we can see some white dandelions. When I was a junior high school student, I found them on my home from school. I waited and waited until the blossoms became down, and I brought the seeds to my house. Next year they came up successfully. Here is the photo I took yesterday. Have you ever seen white dandelions?

Well then, all of you have started your new lives now. How was your spring this year? Did you enjoy?? (*^o^*) I really want to see and talk to you again. Take care of your health!!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

March 15th

I've already told you that there were several special events in March. This time I'd like to tell about this place. Can you guess where?

......Yes, as you know, this was my very first time to visit Tokyo Disney Sea. The last time I went to Disney is when I was a high school student. One of my friends, who was taken in some photos of my Egypt tour, lives in by the Disney Land. Just before our high school graduation, some of my friends and I went to Tokyo Disney Land after school, stayed at my friend's house after that, and went back to my house next day. I strongly remember this day because there were fewer people than I had experienced ever before. We could ride every attraction within 5 minutes at least, and in particular, we could ride Space Mountain 5 times in a row without waiting for it.

I was so excited because the chance to go to Disney came unexpectedly after an interval of four years. Mr. Segawa, one of my friends and coworkers too, is familiar with Disney. So I followed him all. Here are Mr. Segawa's tour, our footprints.

・Storm Rider
・Sebastian's Calypso Kitchen
・Mermaid Lagoon Theater
・The Magic Lamp Theater
・Indiana Jones Adventure
・Mystic Rhythms
・20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
・The Legend of Mythica
・Delancey Catering
・Raging Spirits
・Turtle Talk
・Nautilus Galley

・My Friend Duffy
・Tower of Terror

What a nice place! I felt sorry that we couldn't ride Journey to the Center of the Earth, but it seems as if we were in a dream. ヽ(´▽`)/

So crowded that we could only ride Indiana Jones and Raising Spirits by using a fast pass. We had to wait for Tower of Terror standing in a long line for 160 minutes. But that waiting time was also a kind of joy for me. And I thought if I had a girlfriend, I could have enjoyed more and more...

If you want to see some more photos and if you join Facebook, go to!/album.php?id=1461092253.