Thursday, April 08, 2010

March 15th

I've already told you that there were several special events in March. This time I'd like to tell about this place. Can you guess where?

......Yes, as you know, this was my very first time to visit Tokyo Disney Sea. The last time I went to Disney is when I was a high school student. One of my friends, who was taken in some photos of my Egypt tour, lives in by the Disney Land. Just before our high school graduation, some of my friends and I went to Tokyo Disney Land after school, stayed at my friend's house after that, and went back to my house next day. I strongly remember this day because there were fewer people than I had experienced ever before. We could ride every attraction within 5 minutes at least, and in particular, we could ride Space Mountain 5 times in a row without waiting for it.

I was so excited because the chance to go to Disney came unexpectedly after an interval of four years. Mr. Segawa, one of my friends and coworkers too, is familiar with Disney. So I followed him all. Here are Mr. Segawa's tour, our footprints.

・Storm Rider
・Sebastian's Calypso Kitchen
・Mermaid Lagoon Theater
・The Magic Lamp Theater
・Indiana Jones Adventure
・Mystic Rhythms
・20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
・The Legend of Mythica
・Delancey Catering
・Raging Spirits
・Turtle Talk
・Nautilus Galley

・My Friend Duffy
・Tower of Terror

What a nice place! I felt sorry that we couldn't ride Journey to the Center of the Earth, but it seems as if we were in a dream. ヽ(´▽`)/

So crowded that we could only ride Indiana Jones and Raising Spirits by using a fast pass. We had to wait for Tower of Terror standing in a long line for 160 minutes. But that waiting time was also a kind of joy for me. And I thought if I had a girlfriend, I could have enjoyed more and more...

If you want to see some more photos and if you join Facebook, go to!/album.php?id=1461092253.


  1. hi!
    I became a member of AoyamaGakuinHighSchoolStudent yesterday XD.
    Anyway,Im surprised now because you graduated university recently!
    And I have some questions.

    How old are you?lol
    What do you want to be?I think that your university is great!Do you want to study again?
    Who took this picture?Mr.Sakakibara?or a manA?

  2. Hi, dicekaraki!! And I'm happy to hear about your these days. I hope you will have a good high school days.

    Well, to answer your question, I have to tell you a lot about myself. So I'll write about it on my blog soon after.

    Oh, that question is easy. The photo was taken by a staff.