Sunday, April 18, 2010

Turn Over A New Leaf

Most of cherry blossoms have already fallen. And the buds of trees are beggining to open up. All of the people have started their new lives in Spring; many of my friends have started to work, many of my students have started their new school lives, and I also have started my new life from this month. Today I'm going to talk about myself a little.

Well then, I don't have to tell you about what my name is, where I lives in, or what sports I like to play. Just I tell you about my background.

I was born on 25th of February, 1988. And I entered Nakacho elementary school, Tokiwa junior high school, Chuo Univ Suginami high school, and Chuo Univ. And last month I graduated in Law and politics. Although I graduated from university, I had decided to stay one more year and take some English classes......Most of you might have a question, 'Why?'

When I was a high school student, I didn't think of my future at all. Basketball was everything to me at that time. And what is worse, we had no entrance exam so I didn't think what I really want to do at University. If you hear the name of Chuo University, which faculty comes to your mind? Your answer is absolutely 'Law'. That thought also came to my mind and I chose one.

But after entering Law faculty, the classes were so boring to me. When I was a sophomore, my friend and I decided to take part in the studying English abroad program which our university organised. Through that experience, I noticed that what I really like to study was English. And at that time, in addition, I really enjoyed my part-time job, teaching at the cram school. To sum up with those, and thinking about my future, I realised that I had wanted to be an English teacher after my graduation.

Then I decided to get a teaching certificate from the junior. On the other hand, there is one more problem I had. Students in Law faculty can get only social studies teaching certificate, not English. So I needed to graduate in Law at first to become an English teacher. That graduation was on 25th March, 2010, which I told you through this blog.

Sorry to talk a little longer...(^o^;) Well, from this month, I go to my university and take some classes to get English teaching certificate, not as a student in Law faculty but as an auditor. I'm not a member of University and not a member of society.

I have to study more and more to make my dream come true.
From my fail, I want to advise you,
"Think about your future seriously, and you can enjoy studying at your school."

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