Monday, April 12, 2010

This Spring

I have no work on Sunday and Monday. But from today I have 3 English classes at my university, so it's not a break today...(oops, I told you that I had already graduated in Law and Politics, but I decided to stay one more year to study English as an auditor. Well, I'll tell you about myself in detail later.)

Anyway, don't you think it's too cold today? There was a sudden drop in temperature and most of cherry blossom have fallen from the trees because of the rain. So pity. Spring is passing soon. I like sakura season and as usual I took a walk about to see cherry blossoms this year. From Musashi-Urawa station to Besshonuma Park, we can walk through the avenue of cherry blossoms like this.

I'm very fond of walking through there in a warm temperature like yesterday. If you want to see more sakura photos, go to

And I can feel spring at home, too.

Every year Japanese bush warbler (Uguisu) comes to my garden in the morning. I got up with the sound of bush warbler yesterday morning.

In front of my doorstep, we can see some white dandelions. When I was a junior high school student, I found them on my home from school. I waited and waited until the blossoms became down, and I brought the seeds to my house. Next year they came up successfully. Here is the photo I took yesterday. Have you ever seen white dandelions?

Well then, all of you have started your new lives now. How was your spring this year? Did you enjoy?? (*^o^*) I really want to see and talk to you again. Take care of your health!!

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