Saturday, April 26, 2014

Thx Kawataka!!

It was a farewell ceremony today at my former workplace Kawaguchi High School.

I got really nervous to speak in front of all the students for 10 minutes.

Students looked a little tired, but I hope that they could feel or learn something from my speech.

After the speech, some of my students came to talk to me.

Their smiles were just what they had used to.

Some of them told me that they wanted to take my class again.

What nice students!!

And of course teachers were very nice to me.

I could learn many things from them when I worked in Kawaguchi High School, and I got a lot of advice from many teachers today as well.

Thank you so much!!

I know Kawaguchi High School is so good.

I'll never forget names and faces of my students' and teachers'.

Kawaguchi High School is my second mother high school!! (^o^)