Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Crushing Defeat...

Only 27.6% of the students have passed the entrance examination. I've never seen this number since I started to work in Eikoh, so still now I can't believe this year's result....

Of course I feel happy that some of my students have passed the exam, but I couldn't congratulate them truly today. The first girl that came back to the cram school after watching her examinee's number were weeping for her failure. On seeing her face, I kept my teardrop back somehow. Why does God betray the students who have made every effort to pass the exam?? Why??

I'm so sorry. It's my fault. So sorry.

I can't settle down to do anything. I really want to pass myself away....

This Friday and Saturday is the very last time to work as an Eikoh teacher. And next Thursday is our last chance to turn the tables. I'll do my best on whatever they need!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


A new week has been started. The time has come when I have to say "goodby" to my Eikoh students this week, but what can I do for them???

Anyway, yesterday I went to Eikoh as usual and cleaned my file cabinet. My 3 and half years were always there, and my work was to pick up the memories one by one, which had been scattered and left there long time. I was so surprised that I got a lot of things from my students like these below.

I'm sure I never forget my all the students I taught or talked with. Some of them gave me a letter. Some of them gave me a pen. And some of them gave me a picture. Through looking at them, I ruminated over and over my students' smiles....So precious. They are all in all to me.

I don't want to show my tearful face, so I intend to say "goodby" with smiling. But before doing that, I must touch up them to pass the exams. It is said "Leave everything neat and clean behind you", isn't it?

Well, I got to remind the experience which one of my students showed me a picture. She found it in front of the drugstore Matsumoto Kiyoshi. How about making a search for my name in Katakana "タケ". (*^ν^)/

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Today each of my students went to high schools to take entrance exams. I waited for them at the station this morning, and I could meet Yoshiro, Moriyasu, Amada, and Mura, and I cheered them up to win the landslide victories.

Anyway yesterday was the day of Valentine, and I got two gifts from my students. Here are the pictures.

The one with pop package you can see the letters "THANK YOU" is from 12 & 14 year-old girls, and the other gorgeous one is from 17 year-old girl. Have a look at the following enlarged photos!! (≧▽≦)

How much do you know about Valentine's Day?

In ancient times marriage was strictly prohibited by Roman Emperor Claudius Ⅱ. On the other hand, the priest Valentine secretly performed marriage ceremonies for young men. When Claudius found out about this, he had valentine arrested and thrown in jail. The day when Valentine was executed got to be called Saint Valentine's Day.

Also, I found an interesting article about Valentine on BBC.
The main topic is about the Kenyan rose growers who earn less sales than usual because of the world financial crisis. And additional topic is also interesting. The original meaning of Valentine's Day seems to have been lost a little; in Japan and South Korea girls have to give "giri-choco" to their co-workers. That means giving chocolates is an obligation event for women these days. Moreover, in south Korea, there is Black Day on April 14th, unlucky men gather together to eat Chinese-style black noodles. How pity!! (^。^;)

If you're interested in, please click here.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


The private high schools' entrance exams have taken place not only in Saitama but in Tokyo since this week. Now I have more than 20 students who have to take the high school's entrance exams, and I'm eager to support them.

But I can't sweep off my anxiety to the exams... so it's really hard to fall asleep every night. Yesterday I slept at about 2:00 and wake up at 5:00, went to the Urawa station and said "FIGHT" to my students this morning. My life got to be a worst one now. The only method to improve my life is to see or hear my students' pass.

Especially the students who will go to public high schools must be in the severe condition. There are keen competition for some high schools such as Urawa, Ichijyo, Omiya, Ichiritsu, Warabi, Urawa Minami, and so on... and we'll need to get higher score than now if we really want to pass.

I believe that we're absolutely strong in terms of the mental growth. To get a high score, they have to compose their thoughts and try to be calm.

I'm looking forward to hearing their good announcements.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

White Night

I had a work as well and now I came home. Surprisingly it was snowy today, so my footprints were left on the white ground on my way home.

The tiptoe of my feet got wet so much as if I had soaked them into icy water. The ground were so slippery that I had to waddle like a penguin not to slip up. I don't want all of my students to slip their entrance examinations.

Seven years ago, on the day of January 23rd when I was 15, I got an acceptance of my high school. There was heavy snow on that day, and I remember that I took care of my feet not to slip. Through this experience, I think the snowy weather will bring me a good luck. I really hope to see my students' happy smiles after the exams.

Please, please, please...........(≧ω≦)

I also took photos below at Gyokuzo-in and the park in front of it. White trees and roofs were beautiful, and the snow on the branches glittered in the street light. I don't like the sleety dirty snow in Kanto actually, but don't you feel a sense of romance??

Pass the exam, everyone!! Give us a hand, God!! (_≧д≦)ノ