Tuesday, February 09, 2010


The private high schools' entrance exams have taken place not only in Saitama but in Tokyo since this week. Now I have more than 20 students who have to take the high school's entrance exams, and I'm eager to support them.

But I can't sweep off my anxiety to the exams... so it's really hard to fall asleep every night. Yesterday I slept at about 2:00 and wake up at 5:00, went to the Urawa station and said "FIGHT" to my students this morning. My life got to be a worst one now. The only method to improve my life is to see or hear my students' pass.

Especially the students who will go to public high schools must be in the severe condition. There are keen competition for some high schools such as Urawa, Ichijyo, Omiya, Ichiritsu, Warabi, Urawa Minami, and so on... and we'll need to get higher score than now if we really want to pass.

I believe that we're absolutely strong in terms of the mental growth. To get a high score, they have to compose their thoughts and try to be calm.

I'm looking forward to hearing their good announcements.


  1. I've already finished my entrance examination.
    So I hope their pentagon.
    I think YanaC will pass them easily.

  2. Ha-ha, you're so unique!!(^o^)

    Not only YanaC but also Sayuri, Mura, Yokotatsu, Seki, Nishihara, Yuri will be in pentagon. They are just around the corner!!