Tuesday, February 02, 2010

White Night

I had a work as well and now I came home. Surprisingly it was snowy today, so my footprints were left on the white ground on my way home.

The tiptoe of my feet got wet so much as if I had soaked them into icy water. The ground were so slippery that I had to waddle like a penguin not to slip up. I don't want all of my students to slip their entrance examinations.

Seven years ago, on the day of January 23rd when I was 15, I got an acceptance of my high school. There was heavy snow on that day, and I remember that I took care of my feet not to slip. Through this experience, I think the snowy weather will bring me a good luck. I really hope to see my students' happy smiles after the exams.

Please, please, please...........(≧ω≦)

I also took photos below at Gyokuzo-in and the park in front of it. White trees and roofs were beautiful, and the snow on the branches glittered in the street light. I don't like the sleety dirty snow in Kanto actually, but don't you feel a sense of romance??

Pass the exam, everyone!! Give us a hand, God!! (_≧д≦)ノ


  1. Hello,take//
    Lastnight was snowy too.
    When I saw my bicycle,it was covered with snow!
    I hurried home and I saw myself in the mirror.
    I was covered with snow too!

    Are there any grammatical mistakes?
    Since I wrote them without dictionaly,it cannot be helped.(laugh

  2. Hello, Araki!! Thank you for seeing my blog and commenting me.

    Yeah, there is one mistake in your comment. "Last night was snowy too." had better change into "It was snowy last night too." And your "dictionary" looks strange.(laugh)

    But that's good practice for you!! Just using English is the most important, don't be afraid of making any mistakes.