Sunday, February 21, 2010


A new week has been started. The time has come when I have to say "goodby" to my Eikoh students this week, but what can I do for them???

Anyway, yesterday I went to Eikoh as usual and cleaned my file cabinet. My 3 and half years were always there, and my work was to pick up the memories one by one, which had been scattered and left there long time. I was so surprised that I got a lot of things from my students like these below.

I'm sure I never forget my all the students I taught or talked with. Some of them gave me a letter. Some of them gave me a pen. And some of them gave me a picture. Through looking at them, I ruminated over and over my students' smiles....So precious. They are all in all to me.

I don't want to show my tearful face, so I intend to say "goodby" with smiling. But before doing that, I must touch up them to pass the exams. It is said "Leave everything neat and clean behind you", isn't it?

Well, I got to remind the experience which one of my students showed me a picture. She found it in front of the drugstore Matsumoto Kiyoshi. How about making a search for my name in Katakana "タケ". (*^ν^)/

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