Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Crushing Defeat...

Only 27.6% of the students have passed the entrance examination. I've never seen this number since I started to work in Eikoh, so still now I can't believe this year's result....

Of course I feel happy that some of my students have passed the exam, but I couldn't congratulate them truly today. The first girl that came back to the cram school after watching her examinee's number were weeping for her failure. On seeing her face, I kept my teardrop back somehow. Why does God betray the students who have made every effort to pass the exam?? Why??

I'm so sorry. It's my fault. So sorry.

I can't settle down to do anything. I really want to pass myself away....

This Friday and Saturday is the very last time to work as an Eikoh teacher. And next Thursday is our last chance to turn the tables. I'll do my best on whatever they need!


  1. Oh sit!
    I wrote beautiful(?)sentences but they were gone!
    I write again as possible as I can...

    I think this result is strange because they are clever in fact.
    Don't you come EIKOH to hear results and cheer them up?
    I think it'll make them happy.

    I'll continue writing remarks in English,so I want Take to continue too.

  2. I can't come back here any longer. I just quit.

    But I'm looking forward to seeing their smiles.

    Of course I try to continue writing every week.