Monday, March 01, 2010


At first I want to say "goodbye" and "Do your best" to Shoko. I think you're a good student, especially your attitude toward English. Never forget the final goal!! Keep on practicing reading English clearly and building up your vocabulary more and more. I hope you will spend a nice year. See you someday. (^o^)/

Secondly, my work at Eikoh have finished today. I wrote letters to some of my students to cheer up. And they gave me a letter, too. Now I read all of them, and I think I was in a so happy situation. They are so kind to me, so unique, and so attractive.
Sayuri, Kurumi, Monami, Goto, Amada, Kusano, Nishihara, Seki, and Yokotatsu.... They came to study for their exam without regard to this bad weather. I really want them to success. And Hagisho also came to see me! How kind!! I think they are really nice. I'm proud of all of my students. I never teach English to them hereafter, so all I have to do is to wish their luck. Be possitive and have good days with your friends and teachers.



  1. Results will be announced tomorrow.
    Let's hope good news!

  2. thank you!!
    I want to do my best

    and also I want to say "See you again and take care!!"