Sunday, January 17, 2010

I feel sorry to delay my updating....
So now I show you my Ghibli Fukubukuro.

Hey, look at this photo. Of course, you know, it's Ponyo. To be honest, I don't think Ponyo is a good film among Ghibli series. This film was intended for kids, so I thought it's too childish. It could get popular because of the lovely little girl singer, Nozomi Ohashi. And this character of Ponyo is really cute, isn't it? This doll is also cute, I think, and it is displayed on the shelf at the front door.

The next one is memo stand. And you can see Catbus at the bottom of this ornament. It's so small but sophisticated.

Jiji is one of the most famous cats in Japan; it is appeared in Kiki's Delivery Service. There is a magnet at the back of this ornament, and I put this on the wall of our refrigerator now.

Do you know this character? Its name is Heen which appeared in Howl's Moving Castle as a lapdog of Madame Suliman. Perhaps this ornament should be used as a paperweight because it is heavy, but I'm not sure what this is...

And finally, here is the candy pot decorated Jiji at the side. I like it very much and I put some Chupa Chups into this pot. It looks wonderful!!
If you have or find some Ghibli products, please tell and show me soon.


  1. wow!so nice!!
    i especially want to buy a catbus's memo stand!

    by the way,i imagine that Heen's item is something like "bunchn"
    Is it heavy?

  2. Yeah it's heavy.
    I'm not sure but you might be true.