Sunday, November 14, 2010

Heaven and Hell

Urawa Reds 2-0 Kyoto Sanga

November 14th is the holiday for Saitama prefecture, so we could celebrate this day with victory.

On the other hand, the opposite team Kyoto Sanga determined to be relegated to the second division.

The result left supporters dazed and the players drooped their heads.

Tears of despair ran down some of their faces.

When it comes to tears, I must tell you about ex-MVP midfielder Robson Ponte.

Because of his wonderful second goal in the 90th minute, Ponte was chosen MVP on this game.

After the game, he gave us an interview with tearful eyes.

He told that it would be the last 4 games for him to play as a member of Urawa Reds.

And he also told that he loved Urawa supporters.

As he talked with a mixture of joy for supporters and sorrow for leaving Reds soon, I couldn't help crying in sympathy.

Robby, I always support you.

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