Friday, June 18, 2010

Jo's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Jo!!

After class today, we had a small birthday party for our foreign teacher, Josephine Ho.

All teacher (there're only 6 teachers though...) gave her a present.

My present was "Fukuzawa Yukichi (拭沢油吉)", a set of oil blotting paper which design is parodied Japanese ¥10,000 bill.

If you use it, you looks like Azumax (Takahiro Azuma).

Of course only mine was ridiculous. (^□^;)

The other teachers' presents were so nice.

The two teachers (exactly they are students) on the left side are Rikiya and Rise.

This is the scene that Rikiya presented his present to Jo.

A book of Shusaku Endo.

Well, anyway, Jo looked happy and seemed to enjoy this party.

I was also happy with this heartwarming event.

I think Jo is a good English teacher; Her Canadian English is very clear and her attitude toward her classes is wonderful.

I really hope to spend a good time with Jo this year. (*^v^*)

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