Thursday, December 17, 2009


All the cinemas have been panicked since last Saturday, Dec. 12th. Can you guess why?

Some of you might get to know that if you're a fun of the most famous comic named 'One Piece'.

Through the two day as soon as it released, every seat was sold out in most of all the cinemas. But especially, in fact, people really want to get 'One Piece volume 0', which is including a story of the 20 years past world before Luffy's birth. First 1.5 million people can get the special comic, and this event heated our hearts. During the last holiday, the number of people who went to the cinemas to watch 'One Piece' were over 820,000!!


And fortunately, I can get that special comic. I'm sooooooooo excited.
Thank you God!! (T∀T)

Anyway, why does this comic become popular? If I answer the question, I must need a whole day or week to explain..........ok, this time I tell you in short.

Eiichiro Oda, an author of 'One Piece', is often called present-day Murasaki Shikibu because of his talent.
He always hides some mysteries, traces, signs, and the others which will lead to the truth of the story, and readers pick them up, collect them, and connect all the information. We can enjoy the searching and surprises beyond our imagination.
This comic is including the exciting battle, emotive talking, hollow friendship, and joking as well. Each elements has accepted by from kids to adults.

This comic is also including a kind of philosophical issues, racial issues, social structual issues, and so on. So 'One Piece' can be rated in many aspects.

Therefore, in my opinion, stupid ones cannot enjoy reading 'One Piece'.

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