Thursday, July 28, 2011

China Train Crash

As you know, there was a terrible accident happened in China.

The train collision on a high-speed rail line in eastern China last Saturday that killed 39 people and injured 210 others has raised fresh doubts about the safety of one of the largest, most expensive public works projects ever undertaken.

The government's only explanation has been that a lightning strike disabled equipment, allowing a train carrying about 550 passengers to strike the rear of another train with more than 1,000 riders on a viaduct near the city of Wenzhou.

Eight cars derailed, with four hurtling off a bridge.

Why did the safty mechanisms fail to warn or slow the second train?

If the lightning did that, everything else would stop, too.

And the signal system should keep trains at a safe distance.

Why was NOT the government more forthcoming about the cause of the crash?

Why were parts of the wreckage buried at the site so soon?

Why was a toddler found alive in the wreck even after railway authorities had said there were no further signs of life?

A lightning?

I think all they have done was a concealment of the truth relating the cause of crash.

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