Thursday, December 01, 2011

First Love

I met a girl in my dream.

In that dream, she found and spoke to me in the train, talked a lot with me happily, and spent the whole day together.

Yes, she was my first love.

She was the only one that had been in the same class with me at the elementary school for six years.

I like not only her look but her character.

She gave me a smile whenever I met her.

But I was too young at that time to tell her my true heart.

I didn't want to break the friendship with her.

Also, I was afraid that the other friends might make fun of me.

I haven't seen her for a long time.

But that dream reminded me of my first love.

Waking from the dream, I knew it was just a dream, but felt empty.

And I know I still like her.

Perhaps that's why I can't be in love with anyone else.

Well......what and where is she doing now...?

I hope she can enjoy her life.

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