Friday, October 19, 2012

Souvenirs from Okinawa

Last weekend my mother went on a school trip to Okinawa as a school nurse.

She's been there so many times that it seemed hard for her to find something new.

But these souvenirs are quite rare, I think.

It's a charm designed Snoopy and Woodstock in Eisa costume, which is a traditional Okinawan dance and music performance.

This is a pack of potato chips flavored with Ishigaki Island's chili oil.

We always keep Ishigaki Island's cayenne pepper at home, and we know the pepper is so hot.

So I'm looking forward to trying this chips.

Have you seen this chips before??

It's flavored with traditional Okinawan dish Goya Champuru (stir-fried bitter squash).

I can't imagine the taste at all!!

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