Wednesday, February 26, 2014

26th Birthday

February 25th was my 26th birthday. 

I'm very happy that many of my students said or wrote to me "Happy birthday!!" at school. 

Two of my students, especially, gave me a present "Takeaki-no-Sato," which is revised on the letter of the package of "Takenoko-no-Sato." 

I love such a joke. (^^) 

My colleagues also gave me presents: a stamp with my name and a basketball-shaped cushion. 

I felt a little bit shameful, furthermore, that a birthday cake was prepared to me and I had to blow out the candles in a center of attention at a restaurant. 

Some of my acquaintances gave me a birthday messages on Facebook or LINE. 

I felt that I was loved by many people. 

I'm sure to do my best to improve myself that can be expected and to make everyone happy in return. 

Many thanks to all of my friends, colleagues, students, and above all, my family!! (^o^)

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