Monday, March 31, 2014


It was my very last day to go to my present workplace.

I didn't do well in Brass Band Club, but club members gave me a message card to show their appreciation to me.

Thank you so much!! (^o^)

Spending only half a year in the school, I could make a lot of good memories.

I found myself in a lucky situation that a lot of good, kind and respectable students and teachers were all around me.

I'll never forget the experience.

This is the scene from my favorite place in the school.

I miss Ton-Ryu beside the school.

As you've known, I'll be transferred to another high school in April.

Therefore, I'll be admitted officially a teacher of Saitama Prefecture.

I need to pay much more attention to any kinds of activities because of high-responsible place in society.

Probably this blog and other social network services will not be uploaded so often ever after.

Very sorry for all my readers, but please understand me.

If you really want to improve your English abilities, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me by all possible means.

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