Sunday, June 26, 2011

Go Gaga Over Japan

"Never give up on the dream of Japan."

That was the message Lady Gaga wants to send to her Japanese fans.

She performed at the MTV Video Music Aid Japan in Makuhari Messe yesterday, that was a charity event to raise funds for the Japanese Red Cross.

Have a look at her performance → "The Edge Of Glory" & "Born This Way"

During the press conference on June 23rd, Gaga shared how she's heavily inspired by Japanese culture and felt an honor to appear in Japan.

She also shed tears for the devastated Japan and its people.

Lady Gaga was chosen as a top of the Time Magazine's list of  Most Influential People In The World.

It was helpful so much that such an influential person appealed to the world "...Come (to Japan) and enjoy the beautiful country."

Thank you for your kindness and love, Gaga!!

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