Friday, June 08, 2012

AKB election 2012

Yuko Oshima (center), 23, made an emotional comeback in this year's AKB general election held on June 6th in Tokyo.

She gathered 108,837 votes followed by the second placed Mayu Watanabe (right) with 72,574 votes and the third placed Yuki Kashiwagi (left) with 71, 076 votes.

Without last year's winner Atsuko Maeda, Oshima was expected to win a landslide victory in the election, and it is indeed.

I'm not so interested in AKB itself, but I'm interested in the social effects of the election.

The total ballot my surprise, 1,384,122!!

Such number drives today's recession away!!

Japan's government should learn how to attract people from that election.

And I really want to know why not only fans but also media get so enthusiastic.

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