Monday, November 26, 2012

Basketball Club Reunion 2012

I went to my mother high school last Saturday to take part in the annual basketball club reunion.

Although the reunion was held in the middle of holidays, many alumni gathered in the gym to enjoy playing basketball and talking with friends.

As always, I went there with Maru, who was contemporary with me.

To my surprise, the floor of the gym was really beautiful.

Under the new rules revised in 2010 and applied in the following year, three point line is 50cm further than before and the form of the restricted area changed from trapezoid to rectangle.

Also, no-charge semi-circle was added.

Mr. Goto, who's the coach of the present club, said that it had taken about 3 million yen to repair the floor!!

Anyway, I had a good day there with my friends.

I have to say thank you to the organizers.

I hope more friends will be there next year. (^o^)

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