Monday, November 05, 2012

Interview Project 2012

As one of Eigonie's annual events, we took 24 junior high school students to the Kokyogaien National Gardens at Tokyo Imperial Palace on October 28th, and on November 4th for 34 elementary school sudents.

Sudents had prepared some questions and intervewed foreigners walking around the garden.

Although it was rainy on October 28th, many foreigners stopped to listen to their questions.

Some elementary school students not only asked questions but also explained Japanese something.

One boy explained how to make a paper crane.

He showed the process step by step, and gave the finished product as a gift.

One girl explained Hyakunin Isshu and her favorite poetry.

She made some cards of Hyakunin Isshu and gave one of them as a souvenir.

It seems quite difficult for us to do such things.

I'm sure this event will be a precious experience for students and will help them improve their English skills and motivation.

Having Got much tired after that, I'm satisfied with their smiles. (^o^)

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