Sunday, November 08, 2009


Yesterday I played basketball at my high school; to attend the annual OB and OG festival. But my acquaintance doesn't send me photos yet... so after recieving them I'm quite sure to write about this day on my blog.
Today I had NOT to wake up late this morning. It was inevitable for me to go Urawa CORSO around its opening hours today. Can you guess what??

Only for ¥990!!

I've waited...... I've waited...... I've waited for almost one year!!
And the time had come at long last.

I respect UNIQLO products because of the price and quality, and in particular, HEATTECH, which is used seven technologies; Heat Generation, Heat Retention, Soft Texture, Odor Control, Stretchable Comfort, Anti-static, and Non-deforming.
Especially the second one, Heat Retention, "Air pockets between the fibers retain both body warmth and the warmth generated by HEATTECH's moisture absorption." UNIQLO describes, is really attractive for me. Present-day fashion has been getting us to wear really slender-designed clothings such as Skinny Fit Denim Jeans to accentuate our shapely legs, but most of all including me must think that we feel a little colder in the recent clothings than before.

"To be a fashionable, put up with the warmth or coolness" is a slogan through my generation. Thanks to the appearing HEATTECH, however, we can enjoy our fashion freely without caring the temperature.

I bought black and red long johns (tights). Seems it really nice!

Please try to buy one during the sale and enjoy the frozen winter!!

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