Sunday, November 29, 2009

Santa Fun Run

We'll soon be immersed in Christmas time. I'm not sure why we Japanese make our hearts leap so long before Christmas and calm down on the very day of December 25th.

Anyway, do you know "Santa Fun Run" in Australia?
I never suppose that you'll know it unless I tell you.

"Santa Fun Run" is a kind of charity activity taken place in Australia. More than 1,000 santas, those who entered the race, run or jog or walk or hop or......anyhow they go in for the race in santa costume. The main sponsor Variety raises all the money for sick and disadvantaged children. Here is the photo in Sydney today.

In Australia there are three parts where Santa Fun Run is held, South Australia, New South Wales, and Victoria. The date and the distance are different each areas but it is impressive that the runners in every part are filled with smile and love. That scene is really ideal for the Christmas, I think.

And amazingly in Shibuya, Japan, about sixty santas paraded down Omotesando today, but it was not a charity. Who and why?

The answer lies in the Japanese Christmas trend. In Japan, a lot of people become Santa on December and they have to play really santa to advertise. Today's parade in Shibuya was a practice for the people who will become santa. Some of them are nursery school teachers, some of them are toy shop clerks, and the others are something like that. That's really funny!!(*^ω^*)

Probably I'll have to work this Christmas...oops!! I really want lovely one. Hope you enjoy your Christmas.

If you are interested in Santa Fun Run, click here and check it out!
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