Monday, November 02, 2009

Talk With People From Many Countries

Last Sunday we went to Tokyo Imperial Palace to talk with a lot of tourists from other countries. My group members, all girls in the seventh grade, looked a little nervous before arriving at the Tokyo Yurakucho station, and it seemed they relieved their worries with a chat all the time in the train.

Fortunately the weather was fine but a little windy on that day, so it was a brilliant day to do interviews, but unfortunately there were less people who could speak English than last year. My students were eager to find some foreigners with a gleam of hope. At first I talked to some foreigners and led my students into conversation. They looked so awkward with asking some questions but it reminded me of my young age. I also participated in this event when I was an elementary student, and I was really not good at talking to strangers. Comparing with that time, I'm so surprised that I spoke to in English actively not passively. Anyhow my English perhaps improved better than before.

After coming back to Urawa, teachers went to a soba(buckweat) shop "Yabu."
All we were hungry at that time so we felt heavenly. (*^。^*)

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