Monday, January 10, 2011

All Night Karaoke

I drank with older Eikoh friends the day before yesterday, and I did with younger ones yesterday.

I love those members because they know what's the most important thing; building the good relationship between not only teacher-student and teacher-parents but also teacher-teacher leads to a success.

Actually there're some iron-hearted men in Eikoh now, so it must be too stressful for them.

So I think Nana's resignation was correct and it was a brave decision.

Well after the drinking party, we went to Karaoke U-Style to blow steam off by singing.

It was after a long separation that I played with my friends all through the night.

Yeah, you know, Mr. Takano and Nana were very crazy indeed!! (^□^;)haha

But all we could vent our frustration and laugh our cares away.

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