Monday, January 31, 2011

My Teacher's Birthday

I forgot to upload an article about a very important day, January 11th.

On that day we had a birthday party for Mr. Ogura and Ms. Araki.

One of the teachers Rikiya Nakagaki and I planned to make nabe for dinner, so I had to bring a big pot from my house.

Here is our dinner. It was a brilliant taste beyond my expectations.

Then after the eating, we gave a present to each of them.

I'll show you my present for Ms. Araki at first.

These are charm-stones.

Ms. Araki looks tired always and seems to feel much stress so that I decided to present her birthstone as a talisman.

The left one is a garnet, which is said to bring the owners a great success.

The right one is an onyx, which removes her uncleaness or evil.

And next, here is a present for Mr. Ogura.

A Michel Klein tie studded with designs of small stars.

These days he often wears it. I'm glad he likes it.

I hope both of them will enjoy their lives and be happy ever after.

Happy Birthday!! (*^▽^*)

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