Thursday, January 06, 2011

Jan. 2nd - 3rd

I applied for a part-time job at Eikoh Seminar when I was a freshman in college, and since then, I had taught not only English but also other subjects (even mathematics) to 2nd - 9th graders there.

Most of companies have the New Year holidays, but on January 2nd and 3rd, Eikoh provides a special course called "正月特訓Vゼミ (Shogatsu Tokkun V Seminar)" for 9th graders, who are studying for the entrance exam.

Of course I had to attend that special seminar......yeah, actually I had no New Year holidays during my university days.


I had quit the job at Eikoh last March and had no work at New Year's Day!!

Yeeeaaaaahhh!! (≧▽≦)/

Then, I went shopping for 初売り (Hatsuuri; the first bargain sale of the year) after an interval of 5 years!

What made me surprised the most was the crazy crowded shops and a long long line of people waiting to pay.

...Just like a swarm of ants...(・o・;)

I don't feel like working at New Year's Day, but I found that being in crowds is much stressful than being at juku.

Well, being at home with family is the best at New Year's Day. (^□^;)

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