Friday, February 25, 2011

My Birthday

Today February 25th is my birthday.

My birthday concurs with the test season, so everyone is apt to miss it.

But Eigonoie members held a small party for me 10 days early.

My birthday cake was like this.

I told Ms. Araki before that my most favorite fruit was pears.

Then she bought me that Flo's fruits tart.

Very good taste!!

And I'll show you my presents!

First, a book from Mr. Ogura.

"Teaching Language as Communication" shows some communicative methods to teach the target language.

Mr. Ogura always thinks that I'll be a good English teacher.

Next, a mug with a lid and jasmine tea leaves from Ms. Araki.

It's so cute and now I use it when I drink tea and coffee at Eigonoie.

The following goods (rather foods?) are from Rikiya and Rise.

This is my first time to see fig jam and rhubarb jam.

Yeah, the taste is like an immature strawberry, indeed.

And a present from Jo is here.

She gave me a fine quality notebook and unique design clips.

Jo and I prefer this shop. (see my former blog about Smith:

Thank you, everyone!

I hope to spend a good 23rd year of mine. \(≧▽≦)/

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