Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Last day of my Golden Week

Yesterday was my last day of Golden Week.

I spent that day shopping at AEON Yono.

This Asian-style shop "Cayhane" is one of my favorite place.

There are so many ethnic clothings, goods, accessories, and ornaments that we can enjoy just looking at them as if we were in a museum.

I bought an Afgani Pants (= Sarrouel Pants) there.

It's a baggy trouser and its cloth is thin.

So comfortable when the muggy summer comes.

I dropped in at Global Work and bought one T-shirt after that.

Blue horizontal stripes produce a fresh atmosphere.

Finally I bought one unique book impulsively at the bookstore.

Many essential elements of making good staffs are described in easy Japanese.

I think that more and more people had better learn how to make a good work environment like this book.

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