Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ramen in Shinjo

I'd like to introduce a famous and popular ramen noodle shop "一茶庵 (Issa an, Iccha (w)an)" in Shinjo, Yamagata.

Like an effect of drug, I get impelled to eat the ramen whenever I go to Shinjo.

The exterior of the buildings look very old, but the taste of ramen have been loved for a long time.

一茶庵 本店 (Honten: the head shop)

一茶庵 支店 (Shiten: Teppomachi branch)

一茶庵 分店 (Bunten: Okinocho branch)

末広 (Suehiro: Suehirocho branch)

Those shops are in the same group, but the taste and noodle are a little bit different.

What the ramen is famous and polular is the original menu called "もつラーメン(giblets ramen)".

We can never try this taste in Kanto.

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