Monday, January 28, 2013

Early Birthday Party

A birthday party was held yesterday to celebrate both my boss Mr. Ogura and Ms. Araki who were born in Japnuary.

My birthday is in February, but a birthday party for me also was celebrated on the same day because of a busy recruiting season making mine one month earlier.

Professor Tarui, who is supposed to work with us from April, also joined the party.


I could get the following birthday presents this year.

A book titled "What On Earth Happened?" and a letter with heartwarming messages from Mr. Ogura.

A portable watch case from Ms. Araki

Prof. Tarui had just been to Kyoto and brought me some sweets (chocolate and cookie).

I'm not sure about Frank Ocean, but this is Rikiya's choice for my birthday.

Thank you, my colleagues!! (^o^)

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