Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Be Magical!

Tokyo DisneySEA celebrated its 10-year anniversary Sunday with special events featuring Mickey Mouse and other major Disney characters dancing on boats and greeting visitors.

The theme of celebration is "Be Magical!"

Tokyo DisneySEA opened on September 4th, 2001, as Disney's first marine theme park in the world.

The park is located next to Tokyo Disneyland in a waterfront area of Tokyo Bay.

The two parks were closed for a month and a half after the area was hit by the March 11th earthquake.

But the number of visitors returned to the year-before level in July before increasing on a year-on-tear basis in August.

I hope that more and more people go to Disney parks, enjoy there, and their smiles will be a magical effect on depressed Japan.

I really want to go to Disney if I have more holidays and a good partner...

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