Saturday, September 10, 2011

Real World or Exercise?

Ahead of the 10th anniversary of the 9.11 terrorist attacks in the United States, a set of audio files of conversations and transmissions in the planes used in the attacks has been released.

Audio Transcript "A New Type of War"

The 114 files were released by a team at Rutgers University on Thursday.

The team analyzed the material after recieving team from an independent commission investigating the attacks.

The materials include conversations in the 4 hijacked planes and exchanges between the planes' ordering and flight controllers.

We can hear the voice of Mohamed Atta, who was one of the hijackers on American Airlines Flight 11, saying like this.

Atta: "Nobody move. Everything will be ok. If you try to make any moves you will injure yourself and the airplane. Just stay quiet."

The recording also include exchanges between an air traffic controller in Boston and an official in the North American Aerospace Defence Commend.

Cooper: "Hi, Boston Center, TMU, we have ah a problem here, we have a hijacked aircraft headed towards New, New York and we need you guys to, we need someone to scramble some F-16s or something up there to help us out."

Powell: "Is, is this real world or exercise?"

Cooper: "No, this is not an exercise, not a test."

Such exchanges have raised concerns about a lack of coordination between U.S. air authorities and military officials.

10 years have passed since then, and the world's been trying to eradicate the cruel terrorism.

What on earth had been really solved, anyway...?

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