Friday, September 09, 2011


Are you a woman?

Are you easily getting jealous?

Does your boyfriend own an Android cell phone?

If you answer all of these questions with "yes", how about trying a new Android app called "Karelog (boyfriend log)"?

Here's how Karelog works.

1. download Karelog app and install it on your boyfriend's Android cell phone secretly
2. you can get the ID and password, but don't tell your boyfriend
3. log into the Karelog website with the ID and password on your computer or Android cell phone
4. you will be able to track your boyfriend's movement through GPS
5. even you can see his call record and battery status

Needless to say, Karelog can not only be used to control boyfriends but also any kind of Android users.

And some users are now discussing the privacy issues.

It's a piece of spyware, indeed.

And what's the difference from stalker...?

How can I trust the woman who uses this app?

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