Saturday, April 09, 2011

Around Besshonuma Park

I strolled in Besshonuma park last Thursday.

And I took some great view of sakura there.

First, I noiced that there were some beautiful sakura there and that many people enjoyed hanami under the trees in Besshonuma park like this.

In front of Besshonuma-Kaikan there was a big sakura tree, which I like the best in the park.

Going to the south end of the park, we can find the pedestrian bridge.

And we can enjoy the great sakura view from there.

It's also good to look down sakura blossoms.

Then, I moved to one of the best sakura spots in Urawa.

From Besshonuma to Musashi-Urawa station, there is a lot of sakura trees alnog the pavement.

Annually the sakura festival is held along this street in this season, but there was a few stalls in the aftermath of the recent jishuku(self-restriction).

I like these two shots because these scenes made my mind so calm and mild; about 60-year-old couple was taking a walk hand in hand and kids were playing under the trees.

Between the Besshonuma park to Nakacho post office, I found two beautiful hidden sakura.

Perhaps the first sakura is differnt from the latter one.

When I was an elementary school student, one of my friend lived around there.

So I used to play with him under the sakura tree after school.

Anyway it was a so nice weather that I took more and more pictures in various places.

I'll show some of them on another article of my blog later.

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