Sunday, April 24, 2011

Remarkable beverage

I'll soon leave for Saitama Stadium to watch football match.

Today's match Urawa Reds v.s. Nagoya Grampus will be kicked off at 14:00, so that I have to bring my lunch there.

My mother bought the lunch at the supermarket (maybe ItoYokado), but I was surprised at the drinks she bought.


This is the sports drink, but have a look at the top of the label.

Surprisingly this beverage is produced by a company well-known for its salt product '赤穂の天塩(Ako no Amashio)'.

And also she bought this one.

A green tea produced by a sweet and snack specialty store 'おかしのまちおか(Okashi no Machioka)'.

It's no longer a sweet or a snack...(^o^;)

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