Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Last Sakura Pic.

The following sakura pictures are the last of all I took this year.

These two below were taken in front of the building of Saitama Prefectural Office.

The evening sun also produced this great view.

I could see many sakura trees when I entered the main gate of the prefectural office.

The latter one is called "Ohshima zakura", whose leaves are mainly used for Sakura-mochi.

Its blossoms are rather white than pink.

I told you before that there was a wonderful weeping cherry in Gyokuzouin.

There are also good sakura trees in front of it.

These sakura stand in Chuo Park, which is just in front of Gyokuzouin.

When I was very little, kindergarten teachers used to take me there.

These sakura always remind me of my good old days.

The language of sakura is "pure and beautiful".

My heart was also washed by the beautiful sakura.

Do not be discouraged by the disaster.

Ganbaro!! (^o^)/

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