Friday, August 31, 2012

Japanese river otter was extinct

The Japanese river otter, which is called "Nihon Kawauso" in Japan and had been categorized as a critically endangered species, was oficially declared extinct by the Ministry of the Environment on August 28th.

The last sighting in Japan of a Japanese river otter was in Kochi Prefecture in 1979.

The otter was the first Japanese mammal to have survived until Showa Era (1926-1989).

Belonging to the Mustelidae family, the Japanese river otter was know to be roughly 110 centimeters in length, and had lived in rivers across Japan.

Sadly, the species' numbers rapidly dropped due to over-hunting for its fur, and the destruction of its environment by city development and agricultural chemicals.

According to the announcement of the 4th rivised Red Data List, some kinds of diving beetle and clam have been designsted as vulnerable.

Why are we human beings so greedy while a lot of animals and plants have been vanishing...?

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