Friday, August 10, 2012

Trip to London ③

I'd like to show you some more photos about Olympics.

I took the following photos at Stratford, where there is the Olympic Park.

It was impossible for me to get in because I had no ticket.

A lot of staffs and security guards were all around there.

And I arrived at the Tower Bridge, luckily, its two bascules opened after a loud alarming so that any tall ships could pass through.

Looking up at the center from the bridge, I could find the huge Olympic rings ornament.

Walking along the Thames, I could also find the Olympic rings ornament again.

And along the Regent Street, which is lined with many exclusive shops, there are a lot of national flags across the street.

I stayed in London only for three days, but I'm glad that I could enjoy the Olympic mood much more than expected.

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