Friday, August 10, 2012

Trip to London ①

I suddenly thought to go to London on the first of August, and then left Japan last Sunday.

Because that was just a short trip for a change, I didn't mean to see any London Olympics games.

As soon as I arrived at Heathrow Airport, a man Mr. Murphy talked to me friendly, and he took me to my hotel.

The following photos are the room I stayed three nights.

And the view from the window was like this.

And the man who took me to the hotel said during the journey that he was a broker, but rather he must have been a ticket tout.

Anyway, he somehow got two football tickets and sold me.

Yes, you know, I could go to Wembley Stadium and watch Olympics Men's & Women's Football semifinals!!

I'll write about football matches at Wembley Stadium on the next article.

To be continued...

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